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When you think of Carter Financial Services, think of a Financial Quarterback that is on your team!

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I call myself Ken the Money Man because for over 35 years I have helped my clients and their families build wealth, make safe investments, protect their assets from taxes and unnecessary risk, planned their retirements, and guaranteed lifetime income.

I started out as a traditional financial planner. But soon I realized that most of the investments were high risk for my clients and easy commission for me. I made it my mission to be different and developed a client-centric mindset.

My Mission

Do the right things, for the right reasons, for the right people, and achieve success through helping my clients achieve their goals first.

The Results of My Work

I guarantee you and your spouse an income for life, even if you run out of money!

I have developed my 7 Steps to a Happy Retirement so you can achieve what I call the “Happy Factor.” With my retirement program you get a paycheck for life every month, and you can spend it every month because next month you will get another check. Happily retired people retire on guaranteed lifetime income, and never worry about the stock market.

The people who retire on assets are not happy, because they have to worry about the stock market all the time. They are worried about running out of money because they are spending down assets, not spending income. This is not a Happy Long Life retirement. The stress of worrying about assets literally kills them early, due to the stress of managing their money over 20 to 30 years. Worrying every day, all day about money is not a healthy thing to do.

Allow me the privilege of showing you how you and your family can get the “Happy Factor” and have a Happy Long Life retirement.

Please feel free to call me at (817) 821-8428.

What Makes My Services Different?

1. Develop a retirement plan:


People don’t plan to fail, they just fail to plan

2. Maximize Social Security benefits

3. Consider a hybrid retirement including part-time employment

4. Protect savings from inflation

5. Secure more guaranteed lifetime income sources:


Social security benefits


Pension checks


Annuity payouts

6. Plan for long-term care and medical expenses

7. Use home equity wisely:




Refinance mortgage


Reverse mortgage

Successful Investing

If the choice was yours, which would you rather pay taxes on?